Crathes Castle Fishing

Crathes Castle Fishing is a prime Spring beat offering anglers the chance to catch large multi sea winter spring salmon as they enter the river in the spring months. The beat stretches for 2 1/2 miles of the left bank, immediately below Banchory, in some of the most stunning scenery in the area.

All the pools are accessible by car. The fishing is home to one of the best luxury fishing huts on the River Dee allowing visitors to enjoy their visit to the river in comfort, taking full opportunity to take in its stunning riverside setting. The hut benefits from electricity, a solid fuel stove, microwave, WC, and a barbecue which can be used by all guests throughout the day. Guest can relax inside or on the huts extensive decking area over looking the pools whilst they stop fishing for lunch.
The fishings are normally let for 4 rods and are divided into 2 beats each with 4 major pools. There is a maximum of 2 rods on each beat and the rods will change beats at 1.00pm.

Lunch is not provided but catering options can be arranged for parties.

Fishing can be from the bank or by wading and there is a boat on the lower beat close to the hut enabling anglers the option to fish from the boat at certain river heights.
There is a a Beat Ghillie on hand to assist the anglers on the water.

Connected to the beat is the LOOP Tackle Field Centre which has a full range of LOOP tackle for anglers to try whilst fishing the beat. The TwinPeakes Flyfishing School is also located at the bottom of the beat and is available to provide casting tuition or additional guides where required.

It is renowned as one of the greatest salmon rivers of the world, and many that have cast a fly for Atlantic Salmon will know the charms and traditions the river holds.

As the great John Ashleigh Cooper once wrote about the Dee “it is hard to know what better type of water a keen flyfisher could ask for”

The River Dee is historically known for being the Spring river of Scotland, with the season starting on the 1st of February anglers willing to brave the elements in search of the elusive springer may be rewarded with the ultimate February Salmon. the season continues until the 15th October, as the water warms towards the late spring fishing small flies on long leaders is what the classic fly water on the Dee is known for.

Your adventure awaits…