Valley of Kings, Chile

The Rio Serrano is a hidden gem of a river that is located in the far southern reaches of the Chilean Andes. It is situated in the infamous National Park of Torres Del Paine where the landscape is spectacular and the fishing is equally mesmerising. The river is host to a fantastic run of Chinook ‘King’ salmon that run each year. These are the largest of the salmonid family, this river has produced record fish of up to 30kg and the normal size is from 10kg – 20kg.

“If, like us, you have been chasing that fish of a lifetime, this river can make dreams a reality!”

There are great runs of salmon from Mid December through to late February and these colossal fish will provide anglers with the fight of a lifetime on the fly. There are also good runs of sea trout and a healthy brown trout population making the diversity of fishing almost endless.

This is a trip for the adventurous!!! The river is a large size with easy but deep wading and the climate can be testing with those famous Patagonian winds. Those willing to brave the elements can expect to experience some of the hardest fighting fish the world has to offer.

January offers the best chance of large fresh Chinook as they are fresh run and will eagerly take a carefully presented fly. Later in the month there are often more fish as many of them will occupy the pools until the late season. There is public access to all rivers in Chile.